Little Boys and Torches

I bought my grandson a torch yesterday.

Little Miss Prim (daughter) and Son Outlaw went out to a charity do last night so T arrived at 6.15. Grandad and I took him to Hobson’s Choice – a quite nice family pub where you get two meals for a tenner. The torch came too. T and I went to order the meals. The torch came too. In the queue he got talking to a little girl and they toddled over to acquaint themselves with a cheerful snowman in the corner. The torch went too.

Halfway through our meal T wanted a wee. The torch went too. Two hours (yes, I kid you not – two hours) later, the man came and cleared away T’s chicken nuggets. He said to T – this will all have to go in the bin now because you haven’t eaten it. Grandad said “yes and that blasted torch will go too.”

Later, T had his bath. The torch had one too. He had his bot-bot which Granny had to hold for him because the torch was right there waiting for its share.

I said, “go and choose a book for your story.” The torch went too. I read a story to the torch about penguins pulling Santa’s sleigh because the reindeer had flu.

As I tucked the torch in bed, Tyler went too. Peeping round the door ten minutes later the rude torch flashed at me right in my face! Half an hour later T was fast asleep and the batteries in the torch were too.


3 thoughts on “Little Boys and Torches

  1. This is so sweet and very, very funny:)I would love to read Getting It Right. Do send over to: – Just the thing for read in bed with a nice mug of coffee.PS Don’t tell Lane as I’ve promised to GET ON with novel.

  2. Hi! That is so funny and reminds me of 2 certain boys! Torches are a big hit in out house also! Thank you for your lovely comments, I appreciate it. One sunday I will have to try to join you all for a chat…boys permitting!X but I hope to be at the meeting in Jan.

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