The Forgotten Chapter

From previous blogs you will see that I have finished editing my book. I was printing off two more copies of the m/s this morning when there it was – just three little words that have brought me crashing down to earth. What were they?

“Fill in later”

There they were in all their glory at the very end of Chapter 12 and before Chapter 14. A whole bloody chapter! What the hell was I going to put in there!

Now – do I just press the “delete” button and pretend they weren’t there at all. Or do I try and fill in the six year gap between Chapter 12 and Chapter 14 that represents the period 1939-1943. Can I just pretend that four years of the war didn’t exist in my fictitious town?

Chapter 14 is all about 1944 so I have covered some of the war.

Do you know – it’s a bit like going shopping and getting home and realising you have forgotten the thing you went out for.

Good job I’m not at work. Eh.


7 thoughts on “The Forgotten Chapter

  1. oh lordy Annie, that’s a bit of a gap to fill.Can you make it a short chapter? Is there a huge narrative gap between 12 and 14? lol at the number 13. Good job you spotted it!

  2. Piggin ‘ell.Phoned Trish – she laughed her socks off. She’s at Chapter 8 and she said woe betide if I haven’t written it by the time she gets to it.Had to be 13 didn’t it!!

  3. well Im full of admiration for you even having written a novel! sounds like you still have a bit to do! must have been annoying for you!X

  4. Hi, thanks for popping in to read my blog. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I came across “FIX THIS” about fifteen times after I thought I had finished my first draft. Fixing all of the things that needed to be fixed has taken nearly as long as the draft did. I think the only way to deal with it is to make yourself something lovely and hot to drink, then hunker down and get on with it. Good luck!

  5. Here’s an idea that might help to prevent you from making this kind of mistake again. When I note down my word counts, roughly about once a week, I keep a record of the word counts for each chapter as well as the grand total. This includes any planned but not started chapters, so I can see the relative sizes of the chapters and what work still needs doing. It also helps me to estimate the final word count.Good luck with the unluckily numbered chapter.

  6. Hi KevDid you have a nice hol?Thanks for this. I shall certainly take your advice next time.Chapter is written now. I really thought I had written it when I found my rough notes. Must have dreamt it!

  7. It doesn’t matter how many times I check a ms there’s always something that I’ve missed. Drives me nuts!

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