Christmas Greetings

Bah humbug!

Christmas cards! There I’ve said it. What is it about Christmas cards that brings out the worst in one-upmanship. Why is it that some people delight in buying the most expensive cards just to write “Fred and Jean” inside or worse still, have them printed so that they don’t need to write in them? Are they just showing off? Is it these same people who have strings upon strings upon strings of colourful cards in their living rooms shouting out to visitors that they have so many friends they receive hundreds of cards? Or is it more likely that they save last year’s to put up too! Ha ha ha. Caught them out!

I remember when my kids were young I used to rifle through their school bags this time of year to find valuable cards to hang on the wall. One year I was really angry with middle son because he left all his cards in his drawer at school at the end of term. How dare he! That was at least twenty cards that wouldn’t end up on my wall! I made him cry because I told him Santa wouldn’t come because he had left his cards at school. He was six years old. Oh dear – wasn’t I a dreadful mother.

Today my daughter is helping my grandson to make rice crispie cakes with Smarties on top for his playgroup mates instead of buying Christmas cards. Well – three year olds can’t write them themselves can they? I think it’s a lovely idea. I wish I’d thought of it twenty-odd years ago.

I wonder, though, how it will go down with the other mums on Monday morning when he gives out his crispie cakes instead of Christmas cards? Will Emily give in by the end of the week and buy 20 cards and write in them herself?

Another Christmas card moan. Last year I found my mum’s Christmas card list and sent a card to everyone whose name/address I didn’t recognise, with a little handwritten note to tell them mum had passed away.

This year I’m getting cards from people I don’t know (Fred and Jean above is an example). I can only think they are mum’s acquaintances. Thing is I don’t think I kept mum’s old list so I can’t send one back. Why did I wake up in the night last night worrying about this?

Anyway, fellow bloggers here is a seasonal thought from me. Let’s all make the most of those Christmas cards and see who can write the most original greeting instead of just “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from blah blah and blah.”

How about this for starters. “I hope this Christmas will be better than the last one when you ended up in casualty after dropping the hot turkey on your foot.”


“Best wishes for a Happy Christmas from Beryl and the miserable old git who lives with her.”

I just wish I dare!

Seasons greetings and happy writing to you all. May your books get published and your Christmas cards recycled for hanging on the wall next year!


6 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings

  1. I would love to send cards out with comments like that – especially to the round robiners whose children are all doing so well…I might say that I’ve found a nice quiet place to do some writing and put the address as Holloway Prison.

  2. LOL – great idea!Don’t you just HATE people with perfect kids. I just don’t believe them half the time.

  3. Well Im with you there! cant stand them!Love your ideas of original things to write in the cards, especially the one about the miserable git! (I might use that if you dont mind!) Next year Id love to win a writing short story competition or even be a runner up… Hope you have a great christmas.X

  4. How about “I wish you a commercially fruitful Hallmark day #359”?I always buy cards that donate to some or all of the profits to charity. Is that one downmanship?

  5. I’m tempted not to send any Christmas cards at all but I don’t know whether I’m brave enough. Husband always asks on the 24th December “Did you send to Diandra and Cuthbert (or whoever)”. “Who””You know, Diandra and Cuthbert. I’ve known them since 1968″”Yes I know but I’ve never met them. They’re YOUR friends.And round robiners …..argh.”Fenella is now head of the Pony Club in the whole of the UK and is taking her Oxbridge exams five years early. Henry is British under 5’s 100 metre hopping champion!!! And George has been promoted. Again!! Oh and we’re off to Closters on the 26th. Can’t wait!!!!!!!*sigh*. I think your grandson’s cake idea is a far better option.And I love your original greetings:-) The personal touch makes all the difference:-)

  6. MotherX – I hope you have a great Christmas too. Cap’n – I always try to get charity cards too. At least some good comes out of this annual waste of money then! At work no-one sends cards. Instead we collectively donate to the local hospice. We usually manage about £500 – not bad going for a workforce of about 250.Lane- when my kids were small I used to wish that at least one of them would be really good at SOMETHING. Mine even hated cubs and brownies! Then I grew older and wiser and realised that we were truly blessed to have healthy, normal, average kids who knew their manners and kept out of trouble (mostly!)Anyway those round robiners seem to be awfully lonely when their upwardly mobile kids up and leave them and move to Timbuktu or further afield.

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