Christmas Presents

Every year hubby and I don’t know what to buy each other. As we both have time on our hands this year – I don’t go back to work until after Christmas and he is semi-retired – we decided to inject a bit of fun into our pressies this year.

We’ve decided to give each other:
1 present for approx. a tenner
1 present for no more than a pound
1 hand-made present that costs nowt (ie made of stuff lying around the house)

1 of the presents should be funny
1 of the presents should be useful
1 of the presents should be luxurious

He’s in the garage now: I have strict instructions not to interrupt. Now this is not fair! He has access to all sorts of boys toys in there.

This is worse than finding inspiration for writing! I have absolutely GOT to out-do him!

Any suggestions?


9 thoughts on “Christmas Presents

  1. You two sound as though you still have a lot of fun together! if I suggested that to D, hed think Id gone insane.I have to tell him what to get me! What you two are planning sounds very romantic. (Was that the wrong thing to say?)X

  2. What a great idea. I wish I’d thought of that. I’m completely stumped this year with ideas of what to get people especially dh. Nightmare.

  3. TF – I’m no good at funny stuff and poetry but I’ll try.MotherX – Romantic – you’ve got to be joking! He once bought me some polyfilla to fill in my wrinkles. (Mind you, that was after I bought him some clear boot polish for his bald patch.)Debs – After 36 years together you do completely run out of ideas!

  4. I’m probably one of the world’s worst people at Xmas presents, usually resorting to book tokens, gift vouchers and home-made compilations of music/video.I do have a good Xmas game though. It’s called Invent Your Own Cocktail. All you do is get a load of spirits, mixers, juices and whatever, plus something to write with. You simply take turns to invent a new cocktail and write down the recipe, giving it a name (which tend to get ruder as the game progresses). The other players sample it and give it marks for colour, texture, taste etc. The winner is the one who scores the highest marks. You can optionally deduct marks from players who pass out.

  5. How did I miss this post???What a great idea. Which present will be the ‘luxurious’ one??How to outdo him? Hmmm. Something for his garage, handpainted mug, photo frame for lovely pic of you or grandson, gosh, ’tis a difficult one. Let us know what you make!!

  6. I hope that you managed to find something. I have lots of fluff in my house so I could have knitted the pirate a jumper but have opted for a knee support. How romantic is that?Have a wonderful Christmas, Annie and keep writing – you’re good at it!

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