London (continued)

The Bad News: Colleague off sick today; couldn’t get out to the shops at lunchtime; and then, to top it all – I have to work tonight to cover sick colleague’s Planning Committee.

The Good News: At home this afternoon (because working tonight); spending some unexpected time in blogland and realising that everyone else is a bit nervous too; just had a big bag of giant chocolate buttons instead of lunch so feel very giggly and naughty.

PS Not wearing jeans tomorrow because bum looks enormous from the back in them and belly spills over the top somewhat. Now … just off upstairs to put back all the clothes I’ve been trying on in an effort to find the right outfit. I don’t usually give two monkeys about being fat, but today I wish there was a miracle pill you could take and lose about five stone overnight. Diet most absolutely and definitely starts on Thursday, fellow bloggers.

See you all tomorrow lunchtime!


7 thoughts on “London (continued)

  1. Isn’t it funny how we all worry about how we look. I’m sure you’ll have a great time and stop worrying as soon as you meet up with the others. I loved the picture in yesterday’s post by the way.

  2. You look lovely, so just go for it! You could always slip on a balaclava and a cape at the eleventh hour. It’d be a talking point anyway :)Have a lovely time!

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