Make a Book for Me

I have been sitting here blogging, with my grandson sitting next to me. (He comes for tea twice a week.)
He’s loved looking at all the pictures on your blogs!
“Are you writing a book, Granny?” he said.
I showed him a printed out manuscript of Twisted Garlands.
“Read it to me,” he said.
“It’s a grown-up book,” I said.
“Make a book for me,” he asked.
“What shall I write about?” I said.
“Those little doggies,” he said, pointing to the pictures of Peggy and Teabag on Lane’s blog.
Well, I’ll try. Lane – I might need your help!

11 thoughts on “Make a Book for Me

  1. Oh thats so cute! well you have your orders annieye! He is gorgeous! what a little darling.. so what are you going to write about then?btw, thanks for blog info, Ill try and fix it tomorrow as Ive got a stomach ache right now, so not hanging around.

  2. I think Peggy and Teabag would make a great story! Peggy’s stash behind the chair could include a long lost will, making her the richest dog in the world, or her rocket boots that mean she can fly. Maybe that’s where the sausage roll got to…

  3. I’ll look forward to that story!The only question the Teens ask these days is “have you finished your book yet?” with a slightly resigned expression…

  4. Aw bless him totally and utterly!!Now it’s funny you should mention this Annie because I’ve started writing a book called …. you guessed it… The Tales of Peggy Flobbins. (Thanks Denise – a couple of ideas there!)It would be wonderful for you to write P and T stories Annie. Tyler deserves it – he looks so cute there, pointing to the doggies.Remember Teabag is wise beyond her years and Peggy (very short on brain cells) looks to her for guidance in everything. The only thing peggy is totally knowledgable about is food. In that department she leads the way:-)xx

  5. Mother X: My pleasure!Denise: Tyler loved Peggy and Teabag. He obviously thinks so too.Helen: Ummm. (wasn’t planning on showing anyone it!)Karen: Ditto.Lane: Thanks for the the lowdown on the Lady Teabag and Cinderella Flobbins. Debs: He wasn’t too chuffed with sugar and lemon on them but got in a lovely mess with the chocolate sauce – in the pic you can see his cheeks are red. That was down to the phantom face-washer with the soapy flannel (can’t be doing with those flimsy wet-wipes).

  6. All: I went out at lunchtime and bought a scrapbook to paste the stories into for him. I sort of inherited a scrapbooking kit from my great aunt, so he can help me create it. It might be nice for him to keep and I’ll be something to keep him occupied when he comes round. I’ll post a piccy of the scrapbook on the blog when it’s done.Lane: I’ll leave you to write the official Peggy and Teabag stories!

  7. What a cutie!Have fun with the scrapbook, Annieye.Off topic, you’re tagged! No pressure, of course, but I so enjoyed doing it and had to share it, it’s a picture meme (from the wonderful Casdok!):o)

  8. How adorable. I hope you will write a book for your grandson. That would be so special. Good luck with your writing.

  9. Hi Annieye, What a lovely grandson you have! I can’t wait to read your story about Lane’s pups!

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