Writing Saturation Point

Had a busy writing day today. Two sets of minutes typed up and an old powerpoint presentation re-written to bring it in line with new legislation this morning. Then home for the afternoon when I re-wrote the Valentine story I posted on Cloud-line to make it into a short story. Just for fun.

Back to work at 5.00 for a 7.00 meeting, two hours of writing notes by hand for the record of decisions (which I have only 48 hours to publish – you might like to read it on the website on Monday – or there again ….. perhaps not!) and then got home at 9.10 pm to a lovely casserole I had put in the oven before I went back to work.

Heard a little gem at the meeting tonight which I shall definitely use somewhere. Hey … get this:-

“It’s like pushing an elephant in high heels up a steep hill.” I haven’t heard that before, but perhaps it’s an oldie – enlighten me if it is!

Needless to say, that little snippet won’t make the record of decisions, but it did make my scribbling pad hidden in the back of my minute book!

I do so love my job. Type, type, scribble, scribble, doodle, doodle.

But now I have reached writing saturation point today, so please excuse me my while I log off. I’ll look at all your blogs tomorrow lunchtime. Going to get a nice hot bath and go to bed with the Captain’s chapter of Bridge Across Forever, which I meant to do last night but fell asleep in the chair instead.

9 thoughts on “Writing Saturation Point

  1. Blimey, I though I was big and clever for writing 850 words today. I am humbled.Thanks for the magazine, btw. It finally arrived in the post yesterday.

  2. I’ve never heard that saying, but I like it! Similar to ‘wading through treacle’ which is one of my favourites!Hope you had a good night’s sleep after all that :o)

  3. Don’t overdo it Annie. You don’t want to be off work again…..:-)Hope you’re feeling less tired today x

  4. Crikey, I don’ know how you fit everything in to your day. I had heard a variation of pushing the elephant up the hill but not the highheels bit.

  5. Hi just popping by after you very nicely left a message on my blog a while ago. I was ill for a while and thencatchingup on wok backlog and such like. Gosh, you sound quite dedicated at this writing lark. Keep up the good work!

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