Children and Labradors

‘Granny, Zakky wants some milk!
Tyler called me from the kitchen. I hauled myself up from my armchair and went into the kitchen.
‘Sit’, said Tyler, copying his grandad and raising his hand in a hand signal.
Zak’s bum hit the floor and he looked at Tyler expectantly.
‘How do you know he wants milk?’
‘Cause he told me.’ Tyler jumped up and down. Zak rose from his ‘sit’ and did the same.
‘Dogs can’t talk.’
Zak looked at me with huge brown eyes and then deliberately looked at the fridge. He did this twice and then wagged his tail.
‘Ooooohh. Granny. They can. They talk to little boys and girls and say Oiiiii, I want some milk.’
‘But Zakky doesn’t drink milk. He drinks water from his water bowl when he’s thirsty.’
‘I know that Granny, but he told me he really likes milk.’
‘I didn’t hear him go woof, woof, woof.’
‘He told me in my brain.’ (Tyler’s still got a thing about his brain – remember the dead fish?)
Zak went over to the fridge and sniffed the door. I gave in.
Now, every time I go in the kitchen, the blasted dog asks me for milk!

6 thoughts on “Children and Labradors

  1. Of COURSE dogs can talk! Molly asks us questions all the time. She’s only got to look at her smelly-dog blanket now, for us to know it’s time for her to come up on the sofa with us. It’s all in the eyes :o)

  2. I think Tyler is exactly right. Whenever I go near the biscuit tin I can hear them talking to me in my brain.Listen carefull Annie, Zak (and Tyler) will tell you many things:-)

  3. I have to agree. When Grumpy sits and stares at me I know that he needs to be fed some of my toast. Only a bit mind, I like it far too much to be generous.

  4. In think he is totally right! All animals talk. Twinkle talks to me all the time! Thats so sweet what he said to you. What a clever little boy!

  5. Yup, dogs can talk. They don’t always know what they want though. My Lhasa Apso will ask and ask and ask, and then when I say “What do you want?” He’ll give me a blank expression, followed by a look of intense thought. But then, he’s a bit of a plank.My late Labrador/collie cross could not only talk, but she could count too. But she never quite got the hang of size. So when we gave each dog equally sized treats, but broke one into two to make it more managable for the smaller mongrel, she thought she was getting less.And told us about it. Loudly.Cheers,Mike

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