F-word Proliferation

Has anyone noticed how the F-word is now the old B-word?

I hate my kids, or hubby, saying it – and it’s even more important now young ears are flapping around.

Everywhere you go, people are f-ing this, f-ing that – or even worse – the dreaded c-word. I think that’s horrible.

Whereas everyone used to say ‘bloody hell’, now it’s ‘f-ing hell’. ‘Bugger it’ has become ‘f – it’.

Even though I hate it, I’m guilty too, as I demonstrated at work last week.

I was horrendously busy, and very stressed. A colleague sent me an e-mail.

‘I wondered if you could help me write a letter sometime today. Would this afternoon about 2 be OK?’

My reply was something like this: ‘Sorry, perhaps tomorrow. I’m stacked out this afternoon.’

Her response was: ‘Could I pop round your house after tea, then? I really need to get this out tomorrow morning.’

I just let rip and shouted out loud without thinking: ‘No you f-ing well can’t.’

I looked around at my colleagues, who were speechless at my rare f-word outburst, not having had the benefit of reading my e-mails.

Do I really have M.U.G. tattooed on my forehead?


8 thoughts on “F-word Proliferation

  1. I’m not a lover of the f-word, though I’ve muttered it under my breath on occasion! Can’t abide children swearing though.

  2. Flipping Hell woman, calm down!I’m with you on the C word I hate it with a passion TFX

  3. I think, like you say, over-use has diluted it. But to hear it come from Annie?! Well, at least they know how far they can push you.C word turns my stomach.

  4. I hate that C word too. It’s so vile and it sounds awful, it makes me want to vomit when I hear it. There really is no need when there are so many other and better swear words. Ha ha ha :)I am guilty of ‘bloody-helling’ though, I have to say. It’s a terrible habit I have and keep trying to stop myself. I hate it too when kids swear. My nearly 14 year old now thinks it’s cool to say the B word. Of course, he hears me, which doesn’t help. I tell him when he’s as old as me he can do what the b…..hell he likes! Because to a 14 year old a 43 year old mother is ancient.Good for you Annie for standing firm. People can be so pushy sometimes.

  5. You know I have a theory that the C-word is used more in Scotland. The F-word hardly shocks these days, though. I’m not sure what the next taboo will be – we’ve done religious swearing, and sexual swearing. What’s left?I remember when my kids were in their early teens I managed to stop their swearing by pointing out just how broing it was.

  6. Helen: I was so busy, I was indeed!Karen: My children weren’t allowed to swear either. It doesn’t stop them now they’re adults, though. Mind you, they don’t often swear when I’m around.TF: I’m not usually a screaming fishwife! I’m usually quite calm.Lane: Mine too! Monique, our Modern Apprentice, keeps trying to make me say it again because she found it so funny.Mother X: You’re right. Sometimes it’s unavoidable.Mercedes: I say ‘bloody hell’ quite a lot too. Aliqot: I used to tell mine that it didn’t make them sound big, just really common. Only thing is I seem to have spawned a ‘Little Miss Prim and Proper’ in the process.

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