I am going to be published !!!!

I’ve had a short story accepted.

Believe me, I’m so excited. It is better than winning the lottery. The Yellow Balloon has been accepted by My Weekly in their ‘supernatural’ slot!

I heard this morning. Today is Full Council day. I have to get my head in gear for tonight.

(Posting from work so very naughty, but just had to share with my bestest blogger friends.)


15 thoughts on “I am going to be published !!!!

  1. Fantastic! Was this based on the balloon crash landing that Sunday morning? Break out the champagne when you get a chance, you know you want to!

  2. For she’s a jolly good fellow and so say all of us! Well done, I’m sooo pleased for you.TFX

  3. Lane: Yes, it’s a story written around the experience we had with the yellow balloon when mum died. Denise: No – I did write a story about that but I’ve not subbed it anywhere yet.Debs: It’s given me a real boost. I didn’t feel like this in the eighties when my first story was published. I was so green about the gills I just shrugged my shoulders and put the fifty quid I got towards a new video recorder. I thought it was easy money …. until I wrote some more stories and they got rejected. I sulked.This time I appreciate it much more.Cap’n: Get your arse into gear and get Hoody out there! Let’s go for a multiple celebration on 10th June.Helen: Thanks m’duck! You’ve been published in My Weekly too, haven’t you?

  4. TF: It’s 24 hours later and I still haven’t managed to wipe the grin off my face. I’m sure Kettering Councillors thought I’d finally flipped as I sat there daydreaming and smirking through the meeting last night!

  5. Oh yes! We knew you’d do it.I feel all emotional sitting here in my pjs at 10am (given myself the day off work)Hugsxxxxxxx

  6. GREAT news!! I’m raising a metaphorical glass of champagne. And I don’t even drink champagne…

  7. Congratulations!! I read the other day (might have been Sally Q’s blog) that having a story accepted is akin to winning a medium-large writing competition, so feel very, very proud of yourself!

  8. Hope you are OK Annie? (I’ve tagged you today,pack your bikini you are going on a journey to the unknow). TFX

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