Twisted Garlands

Is still alive out there. Agent has asked me for a full manuscript via e-mail. I was up half the night printing out the 4th draft after not getting home from work until 10.30 pm. I was at a Planning Committee meeting where BBC News turned up to film. If you look at ‘Look East’ tonight you’ll probably spot me trying to hide behind a box. (I really hope they don’t use that bit because, thinking about it, all that will appear on the screen is a box with a rather large bum!).

I really need to get a faster printer. I’m going to bed for a couple of hours kip now before work tomorrow. Oh for the luxury of not having to go to work!

9 thoughts on “Twisted Garlands

  1. So you’ve gone from being a closet writer, to being on the telly. Crikey!Good news about Judith wanting to read the full manuscript.

  2. Ooh, how exciting. I met Judith Murdoch at The Winchester Writers’ Conference a couple of years ago…she was scary!! If she wants to see the full, it must be good :o)

  3. Annie this is such brilliant news. And Judith Murdoch!!I have crossed everything includng the dogs’ paws for you:-)Won’t be in for Look East tonight. The inconsiderate teenager has ballet. Drat and double drat.

  4. Best of luck Annieye! Seems like all your hard work is paying off!! (I might..not sure be in Writers Forum this month. The critique bit.) Either this month or next…

  5. Wow, Annie sounds very exciting will keep my fingers crossed for you m’dear TFX

  6. Fantastic news about Twisted Garlands, Annieye! Hope you’re having a relaxing weekend :o)

  7. I’ve met Judith Murdoch, she’s scary but fantastic. Good for you. Best of luck, I’m so excited.

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