This afternoon Twisted Garlands hauled itself up onto the second rung of a very high ladder. I was at MacDonalds with Tyler and when I got back Hubby said someone called J had rung me and was ringing back at 3.3o. I looked at my e-mails. J had e-mailed me.

I sat looking at the unopened e-mail for a few minutes. I really thought it would be a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and wanted to hold onto the dream for just a little bit longer. I eventually opened up the e-mail.

She liked Twisted Garlands. It was one of those arcane moments when you can’t quite believe your eyes and have to read-every-word-one-at-a-time-just-to-make- sure.

I’m meeting her next Friday afternoon – 6th June. The experience of speaking to a real, live agent (especially someone who is obviously held in such high regard) was scary-scary and I know I must have said some very daft things on the phone because I was so damned nervous. But she, herself, wasn’t scary at all. She was really nice. She obviously knows her stuff inside out.

She said I need to work on Twisted Garlands in places for it to be publishable and we are going to talk through the revisions next Friday. She asked if I was in a position to do the revisions quickly. Of course I said ‘yes’. If I have to take unpaid leave from work, I’ll do it.

Horror of horrors though! She wants both WIPs sent through to her by post as soon as possible. The dark and dreary Doubled Lives and Sunlight on Broken Glass.

Please may I be excused from blogging for a few days (until Monday) to edit, re-edit and then edit some more. And can someone please tell me how I can lose five stone in a week?

Oh – and something else really important. Please vote for FARYL SMITH FROM KETTERING in tonight’s Britain’s got Talent. She’s absolutely amazing.

8 thoughts on “Update

  1. This is really good news. You’re a proper writer with a proper agent now!Well done.

  2. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!! I was holding my breath when I started reading this!! Sorry, exlamation overload. I’m so excited for you, hope the editing goes well and try and get a few hours sleep before you go!

  3. I’m leaping up and down. Can you see me? Hurrah, hurrah!Have you told Jane?Hugs xxxxx

  4. You are excused from blogging to edit, re-edit, double re-edit, but promise me you will find time to eat(food feed’s the old brainbox) oh and sleep. I’m soooooo please for you Annie:) TFxx

  5. BRILLIANT news Annie!!!!!!!!!Absolutely brilliant. So excited for you.This is good. Really good!And she wants the wips! Go Annie!xxxx

  6. This is one of the first things I’ve read after coming back on line and I’m so, so pleased for you!I’ll be thinking of you on Friday and crossing everything that the two of you get on like a house on fire and she offers to represent you :o)

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