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No Pain No Gain

I’ve come to the conclusion that the term ‘annual leave’ should be re-named ‘annual-work-shift’.

I know I’ve been a very bad blogger recently, but going on the Writers’ Holiday meant clearing everything up at work the previous week, and then catching up last week. So I technically haven’t had any leave – I’ve just done the work I would normally carry out in the week I was in Wales at different times.

Similarly, next week I shall be doing the same again – only I’m off for two weeks this time!

I need to somehow find some 30 hr days next week (no way am I giving up my 1k words a day writing time, though) and even when Friday inevitably rolls around there’ll be no let up. I’ll be packing on Saturday, cleaning on Sunday and exhausted on Monday as I fall into my tiny space in the flying sardine can and take to the skies. It’ll take me a few days out of my two weeks to recover, and then guess what? Back at work again to catch up!

Writers’ Holiday

It was fantastic. People were so friendly and supportive and it was great to have conversations with such fabulous authors as Jane Wenham-Jones,Lesley Horton, Dee Williams and Elizabeth Hawksley.

When I’m in Ibiza I’ll whittle away at some time sitting on the edge of the sea, water lapping around my legs, and write down some of the things I learned in Wales to post on my blog.

I haven’t had any news about ‘Sunlight’ yet. My agent says not to expect to hear anything now until September, because August is notoriously slow. I’ve decided that even if she can’t find a publisher for Sunlight, I shall press on with the sequel, finish that and then pick up on Novel No. 3 (the one with the stolen title). Ken Follett apparently wrote ten (yes 10) novels before Eye of the Needle was placed with a publisher.

Just about all of the published authors at Caerleon confirmed that disappointment and rejection is the name of the game, but getting an agent is the single most positive step towards being published. I was told that it took Carole Blake 14 months to place one of her author’s novels – and then when it was eventually published it sold over a million copies!

So the point of this post is: please don’t think I’ve abandoned the blogging cause – I’ll be slogging away over a hot desk next week and then (hopefully) chilling out over a cold Martini for the following two weeks.

Back in early September folks!

Oh – by the way – I can officially spill the beans now (although I think most of you have already guessed because I’m bad at keeping secrets). I AM GOING TO BE A GRANNY AGAIN!!! YEAYYYY!! Little Miss Prim is pregnant – due in early March.