Happy Birthday Rob/Dad/Grandad

It’s my hubby’s birthday today, so I thought you might like to know a little bit about him – not the boring stuff, but the interesting things.

He can’t spell

He’s never written a cheque

He hates dealing with money – as long as he gets his spending money every month he doesn’t give a damn about the bank balance and he’s only just mastered the ‘hole in the wall’

He can’t do predictive texting and shouts down his mobile phone

He hangs out shirts on the line by the cuffs and tips of the collar crucifixion style

He sings and whistles all the time

He is not very diplomatic and speaks his mind – please or offend

He hates reading (I think he’s intentionally dyslexic because he has no problem with Land Rover manuals or long technical building construction books)

He sleeps with a dog (ahemm! our Labrador actually)

He tucks his t-shirt into his jeans and wears shorts with black socks and white trainers if I don’t stop him

He makes a very nice cup of man-tea but always puts too much sugar in it

He hates football

He’s very witty and never lost for words

He loves winding people up – but his lack of diplomacy makes us all cringe

He’s never jealous

He hates the phone – especially when it’s his mother on the other end

He actually enjoys doing the food shopping in Tescos (so I just let him get on with it)

He invents silly challenges for family members

And before anyone asks – no, he doesn’t appear anywhere in my books or short stories. However, if anyone else would like to use him – feel free!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rob/Dad/Grandad

  1. May you have many more happy birthdays together. Your man sounds very interesting, and I can confirm that there other hubbies around the world that are very artistic in the way they hang out the washing. I too am blessed with a hubby that is happy to go to the supermarket – I thought I was a bit of a freak because I have never enjoyed walking the market aisles, but hubby does. While your man may not be a reader etc, he obviously is a wonderful inspiration to you = your guru perhaps. We need more plain speakers in this world, far too many people hedge issues. While we have two dogs and six cats, Im not too keen on sharing the marital bed with another snorer (dog and hubby would be too much).

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