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A new character

A throwaway comment on Sunday in the wannabe chatroom about the General Strike in 1926 and one of the sub-plots in ‘Sunlight’ has thrown up a new minor character for me to weave into the story. It all started when I decided to check dates for the history of what actually happened around May Day in 1926 and I discovered that the General Strike started on Monday, 3rd May. As a result I knew I had to put something about it in the story, because there is no way my family would have had a little jolly on May Day, which was on a Saturday, and not been thinking about the General Strike on the Monday.

(Fiona knows who he is)

Well, this very nice young chap has been whispering in my ear constantly. He’s very proud at appearing in the book and appears to fancy Rose. He was absolutely gutted when he found out that she was spoken for. Now, I have a problem. Rose is getting married and this rather handsome young student doctor has the hots for her. What will she do? She can’t run off with him because that would mess up the entire trilogy. She can’t say to him ‘take me and do what you will with me’ because she’s been there and done that with her fiance, and Rose is too much of a nice girl. This character is giggling in my ear as I write this. He’s nudging me with his elbow ‘go on …’ he’s saying. ‘Be a devil.’

Hmmm. It appears my sensible, prim and proper Rose is about to be sorely tempted.


Blog birthday and meeting friends for lunch

Yesterday was my blog birthday. Yes, it’s been a whole year since Lane, Fiona et al persuaded me to set up a blog after chatting on Sunday mornings for a while.

Coincidentally we all met up for the third Wannabe Lunch on Monday, almost a year to the day after I had posted my first nervous piece on my newly created blog. I had a fantastic time, even though I (and Helen too) got soaked through in the dreadful rain, and my feet were killing me by the end of the day. I was gutted, though, because Lane, Fiona and Mercedes couldn’t be there. I was so looking forward to seeing them again. It was great to meet Andrea, a new Wannabe, and I hope she takes our advice (nagging) to join us in blogland.

Kevin was the perfect gentleman, as ever, and made sure I didn’t get lost on the way home. As usual one glass just wasn’t enough for Jane, and we ended up ordering wine by the bottle which raised the roof and added to the general chilled-out ambience of the day. When we eventually got chucked out the bar we just went upstairs and had a nice cup of coffee, which gave me a perfect alibi for being home later than I’d thought.


What have I learned in the 366 days since I started blogging, and crept out of the closet writing-wise?

I would have to say that the last year has confirmed to me that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’. I’m not talking about writing, particularly – I’m talking about the power of a group, or a team. I’m definitely a much better writer for being part of a writing community and, I think, this must be true of any shared interest, not just writing.

So, here’s to friendship and the power of the blogging community and the wannabe chatroom on Sunday mornings.

I’ll just raise my imaginary wine glass. Cheers!!

Thank you all

Thank you all for your fantastic words of support.

Pat: You sound like such a lovely lady. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time out from your own writing to give me such hugely appreciated words of wisdom and sprinklings of ‘lucky dust’.

Lane: I hadn’t thought of that. What does a poxy couple of months matter in the grand scheme of things? The early mornings are a way of life now. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

Helen: So sorry about Smudge, and thanks for your kind words. I don’t get the impression your novel is limping at all. See you on Monday!

Debs: It’s also very scary as well as exciting. I think you are a very focused writer and your shed will end up being your very unique selling point! I wish you could come to London on Monday. It would be great to meet you.

TF: Thanks, and sorry I haven’t had time to write about your pictures on your blog. I just love your pictures and you are a truly creative person. Your blog makes me smile and sometimes inspires my writing, so thank you.

L-Plate: Yep – us Council girls need to stick together on the couch – let’s just hope its a ‘Richard and Judy’ couch eventually for us and not a great big long waiting couch, although they don’t seem to be doing too well in their new slot, do they? Your comment the other day about ideas for your books: I find there is nothing better than a good old Council meeting – I get loads of little gems that way and sometimes the few minutes before the meeting, or the ten minutes or so afterwards, is a little gold mine! (Can you snaffle a day’s leave to come to London with us on Monday? It would be great to meet.)

Karen: Thanks for your support. I’m a bit like you – once I get going I find it frustrating to have to stop. I’m prevaricating now! I should really be ‘getting on with it’ but all I’ve done is cut out 600 words from ‘Sunlight’ so I thought I’d better stop before I end up decimating it.

Captain: My brain is very strange. It stores snippets from here there and everywhere. I thought I’d heard that ‘blinking’ sentence on Dr Who!

Leigh: Thanks for popping by.

Mother X: Thanks for your support and see you on Monday!

Cait O’Connor: Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words.

Publication Saga

I thought I was going to have to go to London this week, to meet with my agent to talk about Sunlight on Broken Glass, but a very long phone call sufficed, so I don’t have to go now.

I’m going to have to do more work on ‘Sunlight’ to suit the current market. It will go out again at the beginning of January. My agent has given me some great advice and a massive injection of confidence, so I don’t feel too despondent.

I can wait. I am patient. And more than anything, I’m still in there with a chance of publication – it’s just that it won’t be this week.