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Oh My Word – I am Published

It’s a funny feeling! Although I was published under my Grandma’s name in the 1980s (thanks Grandma) this is different.

I sold a short story earlier this year to My Weekly. It was a story set in December and they said it would be published at Christmas. It wasn’t. Apparently it can be years before My Weekly uses a story they have bought. I was gutted. Ah well … perhaps next year …

This has made up for it. I know it’s not on Amazon and only on sale from the Author v Author website, but listed in the back are the titles of over two thousand short stories that were submitted to the competition nationwide. The thirty-eight winning entries from all over the country have been published in this anthology.

I feel humbled.

And happy.

And published at long last under my own name and not ‘Rose Foster’ or copyrighted ‘Kettering Borough Council’.

What a lovely Christmas present eh?

A huge thank you to all the people who voted for my story from all over the country, whoever you are.

This is the website if anyone is interested in entering the 2009 competition. It starts again in January.


Little Things that Warm your Heart

I suspect am going to be alone on Boxing Day and until this morning I didn’t quite know how I felt about it.

Traditionally, until mum died two years ago, Boxing Day would be spent round my mum’s house with my sister in law and nieces and much womanly and girly jollity would be enjoyed by all. I’d give anything for just one more Boxing Day like that … but then would I? Maybe not. Maybe those types of Boxing Day belong in the past, just like the Boxing Days of my childhood, all warm and fluffy to be plucked out of the memory box when feeling gloomy. The songs may have ended, but the melodies linger on.

It’s only 8.30 am and three nice things have happened already.

1. Barney arrived for his day with Zak (Barney is my son’s dog and we have him during the day so he’s not alone in the house). He tried to get on my lap and then snugged his head into my neck and licked my ear. Aaahh. There’s nothing like a doggy hug!

2. My friend rang me. ‘Look,’ she said. ‘I’ve been thinking. Why don’t you come round to mine on Boxing Day and we can have a game of Scrabble.’ Now … this is tempting. Could this be the first of many memory-making Boxing Days, I wonder to myself? My friend is single and has devoted her life to her disabled brother, who despite his learning difficulties is a demon at Scrabble!

3. I had a Christmas Card ‘To my Special Friend’. It was from a Councillor. I am not supposed to be ‘special friends’ with Councillors – because the Member/Officer Protocol for Local Government says so. Stuffy local government gets right up my nose sometimes!

I shall now look forward to my different kind of Boxing Day this year, whatever I decide to do with it, and I won’t sit and feel sorry for myself because my lovely family appears to have deserted me – I shall just thank my lucky stars for good friends and the good health to enjoy it.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and thanks to all my blogmates for their friendship and support.