Oh My Word – I am Published

It’s a funny feeling! Although I was published under my Grandma’s name in the 1980s (thanks Grandma) this is different.

I sold a short story earlier this year to My Weekly. It was a story set in December and they said it would be published at Christmas. It wasn’t. Apparently it can be years before My Weekly uses a story they have bought. I was gutted. Ah well … perhaps next year …

This has made up for it. I know it’s not on Amazon and only on sale from the Author v Author website, but listed in the back are the titles of over two thousand short stories that were submitted to the competition nationwide. The thirty-eight winning entries from all over the country have been published in this anthology.

I feel humbled.

And happy.

And published at long last under my own name and not ‘Rose Foster’ or copyrighted ‘Kettering Borough Council’.

What a lovely Christmas present eh?

A huge thank you to all the people who voted for my story from all over the country, whoever you are.

This is the website if anyone is interested in entering the 2009 competition. It starts again in January. www.authorvauthor.com


15 thoughts on “Oh My Word – I am Published

  1. Well done you. How fabulous. Have a wonderful Christmas, and I KNOW you’re going to have a really exciting New Year!

  2. Copyright of Kettering Borough Council…made me giggle as most of my work is the same!Well done and Merry Christmas Annie x

  3. Happy late Christmas, and here’s to 2009 (oh, and you’re ‘blogrolled on my Writing Therapy site, btw!)

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