The finishing of a novel

Righty ho!

This is yesterday’s word count.

End of Thursday’s session: 77,855
End of Friday’s session: 86,068 (blimey – a palindrome no less!)
Total words: 8,193
Time spent writing/editing previous session’s work : 7 hrs (give or take a few minutes)
Average words written and edited per hour: 1,197

Now. I must make a conscious effort not to rush the remaining story in an effort to finish the book. It’s a bit like when I’m knitting and running out of wool. I knit faster to make the wool last to the end of the row and usually end up ruining the pattern because I’m knitting too fast and not paying attention to the instructions.

Note to self. It is not possible to run out of words. Don’t rush Annie, don’t rush!


6 thoughts on “The finishing of a novel

  1. IF (but it won’t happen) you get lost for words try a dictonary (full of blinkin’ words so neatly arranged to 😉

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