I think I must be in serious need of a psychiatrist. This time next week I shall be in Ibiza and I have loads still to do. I had my Saturday all planned out and this is how it went.

1. Get up early, have a leisurely bath and then hit the town centre before the crowds.
2. Walk briskly past the library.
3. Marks & Sparks for new underwear to take on holiday.
4. Walk briskly past Waterstones.
5. Zoom into Boots for holiday toiletries.
6. Walk briskly past Waterstones.
7. Look the other way when walk past extremely tempting display of luxury choccies in Thorntons.
8. Walk briskly past the library
9. Wave to colleagues in the tourist information centre (to be polite) but not to pop in for a chat (which might appear rude)
10. Back home by 10 am at the very latest.
11. Pack cases for holiday.
12. Clean oven, fridge and the cupboard under the kitchen sink.
(Middle son is house-sitting Daughter will feel sorry for younger brother and will cook their dinner every night in my kitchen. Daughter’s fridge and cooker are always much cleaner than mine. Daughter will tutt and puff and will probably put something up about my mucky oven on facebook. So you see, that is why I must clean my oven, fridge and the cupboard under the sink.)

This is what has happened so far.

1. Slept in until 8.45 am.
2. Watched BBC News while idly checking through documents in travel wallet and eating bowl of porridge.
4. Went on facebook to see if daughter on-line so I could tell her good news.
5. Just had a little browse on facebook and then read all the comments on Novel Racers
6. Visited Debs’ blog and left a comment
7. Daughter rang. Spent 10 minutes or so on the phone.
8. Visited Mother X’s blog (a bit worried about her because she sounded down the other day)
9. Looked to see what the temperature was in Ibiza
10. Logged into work e-mails and answered a couple of urgent ones (you stupid cow, Annie – it’s Saturday for goodness sake!)
11. Visited own blog and decided to write a post about prevaricating when the ONLY day I have to get ready for holiday is today!

At work yesterday

I made a huge, long ‘to do’ list of things I needed to do before I finish on Wednesday night. I made another list of things other people need to do while I’m away. I made another list of things I needed to do as soon as I get back from my hols. Made coffee. Checked e-mails for the entire week to see if I had not dealt with anything I should have done. Found one I had originally opened on Monday morning, groaned, and then shut again. Dealt with it. Offered to help someone out from another department (WHY?). Checked all room bookings for meetings while I’m away. Checked food ordered for meetings while I’m away. Replied to a thank you e-mail I’d just received regarding a meeting I had last Monday. Got one straight back. Replied. Got one back. Replied. Got one back. Replied. Got one back. Made coffee. Wrote two letters. Crossed off two things on to do list.

Then it was lunchtime, and all I had done was written two poxy letters!

Now it’s 10.50 on the only day I have to get ready for my holiday and I’m not even dressed.

Now, just had a great idea for Novel Number Five. Must jot it down … otherwise I’ll forget …


27 thoughts on “Prevarication

  1. That made me laugh – glad I'm not the only one who can prevaricate for England! At least you got an idea for novel 5 out of it, so it must count for something :o)Have a lovely holiday.

  2. L-Plate: I know, I know, I know!Helen: I'm still not completely packed and here I am on FB and blogging!Debs: Can't seem to concentrate on much this morning – I can't think why!Pat: Thank youCaptain: The work malarky was left behind at about 8 pm last night. Interviewed for 2 days, which frazzled my brains, but we did manage to appoint to one of my vacant posts, so RESULT!Karen; The idea was one of about 10 for a little sub-plotTF: Thanks.

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