Dear Blog

Firstly, I must apologise for my neglect. It’s been four months since I paid you any attention. (A bit like the houseplants on my kitchen windowsill.) You are pale, naked and devoid of colour, but never mind, like a trusty friend I knew you were always there, waiting to help me back on my feet again.

Having teased the loose threads around the edges of Twitter for the past couple of weeks, it has sort of made me realise that instead of lurking in the relative comfort of my private, and mostly secret, laptop files, I should really be trying to coax back my writing confidence by getting some words out into the www. I am sorry for using you in this way. Perhaps in a couple of weeks you might get some really interesting posts to drape around your neck or hang off your earlobes.

So, I have finally subbed a short story to a women’s magazine. It’s called ‘AC will if PE will’ and it’s new, written over the course of two night time sessions and buffed and polished during a third. I’ll let you know when it gets rejected. Actually, writing the story put some warmth into my frozen writing bones and has given me ideas for another. It might never see the light of day (like the 300+ other short pieces of writing in my files) but hey ho – why not give it a chance, eh?

I’ve also sent out the Cuckoo to three, very nice-sounding agents, having waited a bit too long for one agent to get back to me. It is still cross-genre, though, so probably a bit out of the comfort zone for potential publishers. I keep reading the two lovely RNA reports, which reinforce my belief in the structure of the novel. If the RNA readers both liked it then there is at least a small chance someone else will. I want to be different. This means I probably won’t get published because ‘different’ seems to be a bit dodgy.

Sunlight and the other two books in the trilogy have been shelved for the time being, whilst I concentrate on Novel No. 5.

So there you have it, dear blog. I’ll be in touch again soon. Take care.

Love from Annie


18 thoughts on “Dear Blog

  1. Yay!! Good on you for sending something out, but no going into shock if a magazine decides to buy it 🙂

  2. Hello Stranger, I thought you've gone into hibernation like the Blue Peter tortise! 😉 I know bugger all about writing BUT me recokns it makes sense to do some submissions. For nothing ventured, nothing gained in my book. Good Luck 😉 TFx

  3. Hello AnnieGreat to see you blogging and to hear your updates. You have been busy. I've only submitted one story to womens mags (ages ago) but you've prompted me to push on. Good for you.Fingers crossed for Cuckoo and the short story especially.warm wishesx

  4. Denise – It was so hard to press the 'send' key. I felt as if I was committing it to the end of the executioner's blade!Debs – thanks, m'duck! Now you need to follow suit. Go 0n – I dare you!TF – LOL. Tortoise? Yeah, just about right. I lost my confidence, just for a while, but I am back again. I didn't stop writing, but I did stop letting anyone see it.Captain – thanks Kev. And good luck with your new venture, too.Bluestocking Mum – Thank you and good luck to you too, with your story submissions.

  5. The process can be so dispiriting Annie, so it's brilliant that you're submitting again. I'll be rooting for you :o)

  6. Hi Annie,I really hope your submission goes well 🙂 I find it really encouraging to have a blog, especially when people leave comments and constructive criticism. So please do post more often, because in the moments when we're tired, the support keeps us going, right?Also, hi 5 to being a secret writer, but what do you mean by a secret writer? Does it count if I write under a different name? :)- Lena

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