Sunday, 23rd September

Sunday, 23rd September

Keyword for the day: Relief

Sigourney Weaver once said it was actually a relief for her to play an actor who was scared, who didn’t know where everything was, who didn’t know what buttons to push, and for her to be able to play all that.

Today, I have felt the  exactly the same. I have been surrounded by my family, taken out for coffee by my daughter and, despite the horrible last few days with all the uncertainty, have felt nothing but relief. I have realised that life is like a huge great piece of intricately designed machinery, with cogs, wheels and belts moving synchronously to move other components in the machine.  My family and friends are the components that make my life work.

I was worried about the book cover. Hey presto! It only took one degree of the six degrees of separation purported to connect everyone in the world with everyone else and Emily found me a book cover designer.


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