Wednesday, 26th September

Wednesday, 26th September

Keywords for the Day: BOOK COVER!

I have had a busy day today.  This morning I was in Melton Mowbray for a meeting at East Midlands Councils, then home for a quick sandwich and cup of tea before rushing back to work. Tonight I had full Council, which was … shall I say … one of the more memorable meetings in my career, given that I was on the point of grinning most of the way through it.

Everyone I met today has been asking me about progress with my novel. People were saying ‘not long now’ and ‘I can’t wait to buy it’.  At the meeting tonight, several councillors said they wanted to buy copies for Christmas presents, which is most encouraging. I didn’t go into the whole sorry tale of how The White Cuckoo nearly got flushed down the loo forever last week. Instead, I thought I would try the sneaky and stealthy approach, hoping that when it is published, people won’t be able to see the join between publisher-published and self-published by I-V-S family enterprises.

I was not intentionally sneaky and stealthy, but I needed to avoid some difficult questions, so I am afraid I chickened out and didn’t mention that I no longer had a publishing contract.

Anyway, when I got home I fired up my laptop to discover my whizz-kid comic-book cover designers have magicked me a book cover which is AWESOME.  It’s only a rough draft as yet, and the white cuckoo is a black crow  in the process of being added to the image but I love it. Hopefully I shall be able to put it up on Facebook and on this blog very soon.

There is nothing like the thrill of seeing your first book cover.  One special writing friend has already seen it and suggested I change the title to The Black Crow.

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