Sunday, 30th September

Sunday, 30th September

Keywords: Book Cover (Part 2)

Today was a typical Sunday.  Emily, Sophie and I went for coffee at Seasons Garden Centre in Burton Latimer and had a browse around the shop.  They were in the process of putting up their Christmas displays. Sophie tugged on my hand. She wanted to go and see if we could find Father Christmas.

‘He’s still knitting his warm socks, Sophie,’ I said. ‘He won’t be here yet. They are just getting things ready for his grotto.’

She gave me a look that said: I don’t believe you. ‘Why doesn’t he just buy his socks from a shop?’ she said.

After Sophie had shovelled £3.63 worth of pic ‘n’ mix into a bag, we proceeded to the checkout, where the very nice young chap weighed them, looked at me and said ‘£3.63. Are you sure.’ I nodded with the conviction only a Granny can get away with when her three-and-a-half year old granddaughter looks up at her expectantly.

Later, the whole family came round for Sunday tea.  My (new) mobile phone beeped and I had an email.  It was from Jamie at Red Scar.  After spending Saturday taking photographs, Craig and Jamie  had come up with The Book Cover Mark 2.

If I thought the Book Cover Mark I was good, I gasped in amazement at what they had created for Mark 2, which was basically the same concept as Mark 1, but suitably ‘localised’ as the story is set in Northamptonshire.

I just wanted to say on here how lovely these guys are.  I am really going to enjoy working with them as we help each other promote our businesses.  IVS will be properly created this week as a trading arm of GRI Contract Services Ltd, our family business. Watch this blog for other projects because I have a feeling we are going to do okay.

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