Tuesday, 2nd October

Tuesday, 2nd October

Keyword for the Day: Phrenology

I have always been curious about this organ we call the brain The study of which bits of the brain control everything we do, think and feel is a fascinating science. I love the picture of the phrenology head I picked as the header for both my blog and my facebook page, not only for the lovely autumn colours but for the sense of the unknown it portrays.  Somehow, I just know that this complex organic computer has to be part of Stephen Hawking’s ‘Grand Design’. The science of the universe and the creation of life must be interlinked in a way that has been controlled by something or someone.  To my mind, there is no way life occurs just by accident. It all comes back to the religion -v- science argument, I suppose.  I don’t know why both sides just don’t call a truce, join forces and get on with their journey of discovery about ‘why we are here’ in a mutually respectful manner.

Today I had emailed to me a fairly lengthy questionnaire to identify my own personal learning style.  I am apparently a tactile, right-brained learner. This is the summary:

Kinaesthetic (tactile) learners tend to think globally. They look at the big picture or overview and they learn using their hands and fingers, their sense of touch and their emotions. They use intuition, imagination, language that express feelings and sensory words.

They read nonverbal communication and express themselves in nonverbal ways. They are sensitive to other people’s feelings and their feelings are hurt easily. Will work only with people they like or work alone. Need time to process feelings and the whole picture.

The outcome wasn’t a surprise to me.  The  list of left and right-brained psychological characteristics are on this website http://www.rightbrainintelligence.com/braindominanttest.htm.

Most people have characteristics that are both left and right-brained, but add up the scores and you should find out which side of your brain is dominant.

So next time I give you a blank look, just remember, it’s not that I haven’t heard a word you were saying, it was the right side of my brain that was to blame!

One thought on “Tuesday, 2nd October

  1. Very informative and interesting Anne and also funny. I shall have a look and see which side I use the most….providing of course that all my recent scan results are correct and there is something keeping my ears apart after all!

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