Thursday, 4th October

Thursday, 4th October

Keyword for the Day: The Archives

Today saw Lorraine and I visit the County Archivist in Northampton. This is the definition of an archivist

“Archivists are specially trained in preserving the original material and helping people obtain it. Archivists work with paper documents, photographs, maps, films, and computer records. Many begin their careers as historians and then attend classes to learn from experienced archivists. Archivists possess broad, deep knowledge about records and are involved in many, if not all, phases of the records life cycle. Their extensive research and analysis skills help in serving records to the public.”

What the above description doesn’t tell you is that gaining access to the Council’s own, archived, documents is like being allowed to rummage around Fort Knox.  They came in boxes – ‘don’t mix up the contents of the boxes’ was the instruction. We were only allowed to write notes in pencil, and they wouldn’t allow us to take our own records away. No bags allowed – Lorraine had to stow hers away in a locker.

But my! Once we were allowed in, we both realised we could have stayed there, browsing, all day.  There were shelves of fabulous old, local books lining the walls.  Fascinating. We had to wait while our records were photocopied and then the best part of the visit for me was finding Tony Ireson’s Old Kettering series amongst them. Yes – the Ireson name has been preserved for generations to come.

Tony – come on, give us a bit of a leg up in this author lark! I could do with it.


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