My Book Cover!


Two women, one life, entwined through time where destiny is just the past, rewritten ….

This is my amazing book cover (the back is just as good as the front) designed by Jamie Rae and Craig Hayward. I have no words to describe how pleased I am with it … yet …

The church in the background is the tiny chapel in the the London Road cemetery in Kettering. The back cover also contains a photograph of the same cemetery.  The white cuckoo was more difficult to source, and eventually we downloaded an image of a crested cuckoo from Shutterstock and then Craig and Jamie turned it into an albino cuckoo for me.

I am so touched they have ‘localised’ my book cover for me, because the novel is set in Northamptonshire.  The London Road cemetery also contains the grave of my grandparents, Noah and Doris Beasley and a few other members of the Beasley family. You can also find a magnificent specimen of a grave, right at the front, which was made by its owner.  My husband’s great-grandfather, who was a Stone Mason (Charles Ireson Monumental Masons) crafted his own gravestone which is guarded by an angel, also carved by himself.

You will notice that half the image is in sepia and the other half in colour. This depicts the two time periods – 1910 and the present day.  The cuckoo, which appears in the 1910 story, is depicted in the present day, and Tammy and Paul – the young couple in the present day – are placed in the sepia part of the image, thus transposing elements of the story to demonstrate the nature of the plot.

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