Friday, 5th October

Friday, 5th October

Keyword for the Day: Role Play!

I was on a training course today.  I hate driving and the course was 35 miles away, so not a good start, especially when the sat-nav wouldn’t work.  I don’t know what it is about my fingers, but nothing happens when I touch the screen.  About a year ago I pressed the screen so hard, it broke under my fingers.  Hubby was not a happy man, I can tell you, at having to fork out for another sat-nav. Now, whenever I use it, he says goodbye and then: ‘don’t break the sat-nav’, when he used to say goodbye and: ‘drive carefully’.

The whole point of this course was to learn about different ways of putting on a training session with either very limited use of Powerpoint, or no Powerpoint at all.  Although it was very interesting, and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the day, there was lots of dreaded ‘energiser’ sessions (the modern name for silly games and role play), some of which involved playing cards and having to act according to the number you were dealt.  Of course, it was inevitable I would get an ace! I had to enter the room as a trainer who was destined to only score one on a scale of ace to king on the feedback sheet, where ace was low. My pretend comment outside the door (‘have you seen the state of this lot – they look as if they have just been shipped in from the monkey-house down the road’) coupled with a lugubrious hang-dog shuffle into the room with a look at my non-existent watch must have done the trick because everyone shouted out: ‘Ace!’

Prior to the session, the delegates had to complete a NLP learning style questionnaire which told you your preferred learning style and which side of your brain was dominant.  I wrote about in my diary.  I was also the only ‘tactile right brainer’ in the room.

I did have a great day, though.  Meeting up with other, equally scatty and weird Democratic local government people was very refreshing and comforting.  It made me realise that working at Kettering Borough Council is not that bad, after all.  Our councillors are heaps nicer than those elsewhere!


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