Saturday, 6th October

Saturday, 6th October

Keywords for the Day: Life Changes

Today was a pretty awesome Saturday. I met my friend, Pam, for coffee at Greggs in the town centre and then got home for 12.30 pm, when I was meeting up with Jamie and Craig and a packet of chocolate biscuits. First thing in the morning I had posted a photograph of my book cover on my Facebook Page, by the time I logged in again at 1.15 pm I had so many likes and comments, some of them from people I have never met and who are not my ‘friends’ on my personal page.  The lovely comments brought tears to my eyes, too. By the end of the day, 93 people had looked at my page, 29 had ‘liked’ the post and nine people had commented.  I had nine ‘shares’ too, so thank you anyone who is reading this and either liked, commented on or shared the post.

Nicky (youngest son – or technoson as people who read my blog might know him) was going out with his friend, Kyle because his fiancee, Christie, was in Derby with one of her friends. All through Nick’s teenage and early-twenties years I have given him and his mates a lift into town on a Saturday night.  Listening to ‘boy talk’ is so funny and I have loved it on the short journeys through the years.

However, tonight the conversation was undeniably grown-up. They were going for a meal instead of heading straight for the alcohol, which was a first!  They talked about the women in their life, but in a very adult way.  There were no swear words, no disparaging comments, no reference to sex, etc. I was touched to the core when Nicky told Kyle how lucky he was to be marrying the love of his life.  He said that Christie was a ‘diamond’ and all he wanted in life was to make her happy and create the best possible future for them.  He said he couldn’t wait to move into their new home, get married next year and start their own family.

Kyle has been through a very tough time over the past year or so. He married too young and unfortunately his marriage didn’t last. He has grown up, too. I wish him all the best in life and I wouldn’t dream of betraying his confidence in public, but suffice it to say he is being very adult about his split with his wife and it was heartening to hear that they have smashed through the wall of silence they had built between them and are at least talking again, like the adults they have now become. (By the way, Nicky and Kyle both said they didn’t mind me blogging about this.)

I felt very, very sad when they got out of the car in Dalkeith Place. Nicky will be moving out of our family home shortly, because the contracts are about to be signed on their new home.  I have, at most, four or five weeks of having a child still living at home.  Why was I sad when it is such a happy time for my son?  Well, it was because it was the end of the era of boy-talk on a Saturday night.

Nicky and his friends have all grown up into men all their mums can be proud of.

Postscript No. 1: it is now Sunday morning at 10.30 and he’s not up yet.  I wonder if he has a hangover? LOL.

Postscript No. 2: My encounter with chocolate biscuits was one of mutual respect: I only had one instead of half a packet.

4 thoughts on “Saturday, 6th October

  1. It’s the end of an era for us both, Carol. But it’s also time to turn over a new page in our stories and enjoy the next chapter. We’ve got the wedding to look forward to next year, and (according to Nick) barbeques in Walsingham Avenue! x

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