Monday, 8th October

Monday, 8th October

Keywords for the day: Fireworks

Blimey … what a boring day … the middle bit, that is. Today has been like a Roman Candle firework.  I lit the blue touch paper at half past still-dark and created a video (on the blog drop-down menu on the right-hand side if you want to watch it.). I felt very proud of myself, I can tell you. Animoto rocks! Then I went back to bed for an hour’s snooze before getting up and doing my babysitting duty, when the firework started to sparkle and explode into millions of bright starlets as I took my grandchildren to school.  This is a task I love, and it is the highlight of my day, because I get to spend time  with my ‘rugrats’.

I arrived at work and, in the way fireworks usually behave, my day spluttered and died as I knuckled down to proof-reading Executive reports and updated the now defunct Forward Plan and Work Programme. I would say … scratching chin … not the the most captivating of tasks. It has now been very imaginatively renamed ‘The Work Programme’ and will make its debut on the website tomorrow.

I left work, after a completely non-eventful day, and the firework burst into life again, momentarily, when the hubby bought me a Kindle touch from Tesco for being a good girl and not complaining too much about having to do his business accounts. A few more splutters and it ejected a final burst of golden stars as we enjoyed a meal out with Kelly, Garry and Charlie at Hobson’s Choice.

Three rugrats and a Kindle in one day – can’t be bad.

I know I already have an e-reader (Sony). It cost me a couple of hundred quid two years ago.  It has been the biggest pile of s**t I have ever purchased.  The battery life doesn’t even last long enough to read one book, you can’t charge it and read at the same time, and it is not user-friendly at all.  I bought it because I could upload my own writing onto it and make notes.

The Kindle was less than half the price, it took me about thirty seconds to discover how to use it, I can upload my own stuff onto it, and make notes.  To me, there is no contest.


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