11th October 2012

11th October 2012

Keywords for the Day: Easy Peasy!

I took a day’s annual leave today to get my files ready to send off to the printer and to reformat for e-book publishing.  It was time consuming, and my ageing laptop struggled with the big files, but I didn’t find it difficult.  I learned a lot too, about HTMLs and Zip files.  The PDFd file for the printer was eye-wateringly huge. I thought PDF files were supposed to be smaller than word files, but I think it was because it need to have all fonts embedding, or something technical like that.

Anyway, it’s more or less ready now.  I can go away for the weekend with my mind free from all the stress and worry of the last three weeks, knowing that my novel will be published and the royalties will be all mine, instead of having to pay 60% of them to a publisher who would have only done what I did yesterday and then sat back and watched the rewards for all my hard work roll into their bank account.  All £3.50 of it!  Actually, I don’t really care about the royalties.  I just want people to snuggle up with a nice cuppa and a packet of chocolate biscuits and ENJOY it.  If just one person comes up to me and says how much they enjoyed reading The White Cuckoo, I shall be a very happy Annie.  To me, that will be worth every single minute I have spent crafting this book.

We are away for the weekend at Grafham Water tomorrow, so my diary for Friday and Saturday will be posted on Sunday. All I have to do now, when I get back, is sort out the publicity and marketing, which has been bubbling along nicely anyway, thanks to my friends and family, produce some posters etc. and then I can look forward to finally getting published.

Big hug to you all – and thanks for your support.

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