Friday, 12th October

Friday, 12th October

Keyword for the Day: W***ker Bankers

My debit card got a ‘caution’ placed on it yesterday, because someone at Barclays clicked the wrong box with their mouse.  Now this, I can forgive because I defy anyone to stick their nose in the air, give a haughty sniff and deny they haven’t ever done the same.  Last week I was very grateful to Barclays for their automated fraud call, which had detected some dodgy activity on my account.  They cancelled my card and issued me a new one. When it arrived, I duly signed the back and tucked it in my purse.  It’s a good job I only tried to use it online, and not proffer it in Tescos in payment for a week’s shopping, because the blinking thing didn’t work!

Now, today, I had half a day’s annual leave because at lunchtime we were going away in our caravan for the last weekend of the season.  I left work a little early to pop into the bank to see why my new card wouldn’t work.  Now – I have to say, the local staff were brilliant.  They rang up the Fraud section for me and established that an error had been made and a caution placed on my new card, instead of activating it.  The cheery personal banker (whilst on the phone to the Fraud section) said it wouldn’t be long and it would be sorted out.

Only it wasn’t, was it … because a w***ker banker on the other end of the phone said I had to produce photographic ID (a passport or a driving licence) before they would activate my card.  The nice, cheerful lady collared the manager as he walked through, and asked him to explain to the w***ker banker on the other end of the phone that I was going away for the weekend and needed my card.  ‘No, she doesn’t have her passport or driving licence,’ he said. ‘But she does have a photo ID swipe card issued by Kettering Borough Council. She does work there because her salary goes into this account.’

The blinking w***nker on the other end of the phone refused to lift the caution. So now I have to go into the bank on Monday morning, with my passport, to rectify something that was their fault with a wrong mouse click on a wrong box.

Then, to top it all, the hubby was hopping up and down with rage when I finally made it home at lunchtime, because I was half an hour late.  It does not bode well for the weekend, ahead.

I think I’ll become a health tourist with no ID at all – they seem  to get better treatment all round.


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