Saturday, 13th October

Saturday, 13th October

Keywords for the Day: Autumn in a Bubble

After the stress with my debit card yesterday, today was lovely and relaxing.  Spending time with the family in the middle of nowhere, was just what I needed after the worry of the last few weeks with my novel and the ex-publishers.  I love Autumn – it’s my favourite time of year.  I also love my caravan, because it’s like stepping inside an insulated, life-resistant, homely bubble and floating away from reality for a while.

Our old caravan was called Dinglevan and now very happily provides a bubble for Emily, Lee and the children. The new one (just a year old) is a more refined ‘Isabella’. The other caravanners on site are nice, normal people who also have floated away in their bubbles. There are no skanky litter-dropping, foul-mouthed, black-toothed, leery-eyed itinerants. No groups of scary, angry young men gathering menacingly, talking amongst themselves in a language you can’t understand while they eye you up and down as you walk past.

The peace and quiet wrapped itself around me like a warm fleecy blanket. By day, all you could hear was the tinkling of water from the fountain in the pond on the site, the clear tones of birdsong and the laughter of children in the play area. As night fell, the hooting of the resident owl in the tree above us was soothing, and the central heating in the caravan kept us snug, warm and insulated from the chilly air outside.

It’s a shame we can’t stay longer, but we are back home tomorrow, ready to face another week.

(Sometimes, to get away from everything, I go and sit in my caravan. It’s a great writing space, too!)

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