Sunday, 14th October

Sunday, 14th October

Keywords for the Day: Burglars!

We arrived home to our neighbour, Lawrence, strutting across the road to come and retrieve his car from our driveway, where it had been parked all weekend.  We do this around here, because of the dodgy individuals who drive around in pick-up trucks most days, surveying the area for opportunities to make a few quid by legal means or otherwise.

It worries me when we go away in the caravan – we might as well stick a six foot long banner outside our house which says ‘Gone away – please feel free to take whatever you want’.  The only saving grace is that our neighbours use our drive to park on, and, for the moment, Nicky is usually in residence.

Lawrence told us that his van was broken into – they smashed the driver’s window even though his van door lock is broken and he never locks it anyway!  More worrying was that some people at the end of our street were burgled on Friday night while they were away.  Thieves broke into their house and practically cleared it out.

The really worrying thing, though, is that the police didn’t even come out to Lawrence.  After he had reported it, he received a text message, with a crime number, saying they wouldn’t be attending and advising him to claim on his insurance.  Why?  It could have been the same burglars who broke into the house down the road the same night. There might have been fingerprints on Lawrence’s van.  Why is this not being investigated properly?

No wonder insurance premiums are going up so much.

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