Thursday, 18th October

Thursday, 18th October

Keyword for the Day: Emotional

So many people have messaged me, come up to me at work and put comments on both my author page on FB and my personal page to say they have downloaded The White Cuckoo. I was trying to keep track in my head of how many copies I had sold.  By the end of today, I think it was about 28.  Last night, I had reached No. 5,839 in the charts and No. 88 in the top 100 ghost stories!  I was well chuffed about that.

The best thing was the review though.  FIVE STARS!Thank you ‘ornithologist’, whoever you are.  You said you ‘couldn’t find any more books by Annie Ireson, but would certainly look out for them in the future’. I wonder who you are?  Are you someone I know? Hmmm ….

Anyway, I now await the next exciting moment in the publication of The White Cuckoo the arrival of the bound proof copy of the paperback version either today, tomorrow or Monday. I have already approved the electronic version, after staying up nearly all night last night to give it the once over.

I spent a very pleasant hour at lunchtime with my friend, Andy. He is mentioned in the acknowledgements because he has always believed in my writing and has helped me through writers’ block, picked me up off the floor when I was in the depths of despair and celebrated with me when I have had success. We had tea, sandwiches and chocolate cake, so the non-diet suffered a bit of a blow!  He read The White Cuckoo three years ago, but says he is still going to buy TEN copies of the paperback at my book launch!

Today is also a sad day as well as a very happy one.  It is the last day my youngest son, Nicky, is at home before he moves out tomorrow. Of course, I wish Nicky and Christie all the best for their future, but I shall miss them so much, and I know Christie’s mum, Carol, is feeling the same way.  Rob is cheering with delight, though, because:-

  • his sock drawer will be his own
  • he won’t have to hide his aftershave
  • he won’t shake his tin of anti-perspirant and find it empty
  • we can listen to the television downstairs without the sound being drowned out by boom boom boom of loud music, or the sound of FIFA on the PlayStation upstairs
  • his beer fridge might miraculously stay full (no hope of that Rob – he’ll be back, raiding it, just like the others do)
  • the electricity and water bills will reduce considerably

Residents of Walsingham Avenue, prepare yourselves – your peace is about to be shattered!


2 thoughts on “Thursday, 18th October

  1. Hi Annie, I’m so glad to see the White Cuckoo is coming out. I’ll ‘out’ myself here as the NWS reader who recommended it for a second read. It was terrific and I’m surprised a publisher didn’t pick it up – but it looks great!

  2. Hello Nicola. It’s lovely to ‘meet’ you at long last. It has been a long and arduous journey for the Cuckoo. It was actually picked up by a publisher, which ceased trading a month ago just weeks before the publication date of 31st October. My then agent, Judith Murdoch, said she ‘loved’ the story but told me off because (a) it was cross-genre, and (b) it was written in the first person present, which is apparently frowned on for a debut novelist. I changed it to the more traditional third person past, tweaked it as she advised, and then, after a long conversation with her she said she had decided not to take a risk on it after all because I was a previously unpublished author and it was still ‘cross-genre’. I put it to bed for a while and wrote another book – my fifth – Horns of Angels. Then, earlier this year, I had a story accepted for a charity anthology and the publisher contacted me and asked if I had any full length work. I sent off ‘the Cuckoo’, it was accepted the next day and scheduled for publication on 31st October. After the events of the past week I have so many mixed feelings – I had always said I would never self-publish, but I have had to reconsider. I am having paperbacks done too (by a very good company). I’ll see how it goes, but I still have mixed feelings about self-publishing (and my husband is having palpitations about how much it is costing!) I need to sell 100 paperbacks to break even. If I do that, I shall be content!

    Anyway, Nicola, I am so happy you have ‘come out’. I hope we can keep in touch. I’ll visit your blog later on, when I finish work.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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