Tuesday, 23rd October

Tuesday, 23rd October

Keyword for the Day: Excited!!

Today was an exciting day because the unbound proof of The White Cuckoo was delivered. I did just try to post a picture, but it’s very late and the computer is having none of it.  I still have to do a final check and goodness knows when I shall find time to do that.

It’s only a short post tonight, I’m afraid.  I have had a very busy day at work, culminating in Planning Policy Committee tonight. I didn’t get home until 9.20. I was so tired in the meeting I don’t know how I stayed awake. in fact, one of the councillors said to me afterwards ‘Anne you look very tired.’. Was it that obvious!  The thing is I have been going to bed at around 9 pm every day to give myself the fuel to get up at 3-4 am and write. Half way through the meeting it was my usual bedtime.  It would be much better if Committee Administrators could do meetings as part of their working week.  I could have gone home and had a nap in the afternoon if that was the case. Instead, we have to struggle through 12-13 hour days when we have a meeting, which is almost two days’ work in one.

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