Saturday, 27th October

Saturday, 27th October

Keyword for the Day: Rip-off

My youngest son went to a wedding a couple of months back and wore his very expensive River Island suit, which he had only worn a couple of times before. Now, I don’t think he meant to divert attention away from the bride, but Nicky can never resist acting like a child himself whenever he is around children. While sliding across the dance floor on his knees at the reception, he somehow managed to split the arse of his trousers right open. Yes – you could see his pants.  Did he care? No, of course not. The majority of blokes would insist on leaving, but not Nicky, he just carried on enjoying himself with his bum hanging out. Even the waistband had split.  He was left with only his belt to save his dignity (that’s if he has any.)

‘Can you do anything with these? he said hopefully the next day as he handed his suit trousers to me.

Honestly – it was no wonder they split. The cotton used to make the suit was really poor quality and as I plucked away at the seam to inspect the damage, I could see other areas that were about to split open. He was going to chuck the suit away, but I was angry. He had paid around £400 for it and only worn it three times!  I still say he ought to complain.  I said I could re-stitch his trousers and that was that – until Friday.

‘Have you done my trousers? he said. I gave him a look that must have told him I hadn’t. ‘Great,’ he said sarcastically. ‘I need them for Thursday – and my suit needs to be cleaned.

‘I’ll do them tomorrow,’ I promised. ‘And then I’ll take it to the dry cleaners for you.’

This morning, he rang his dad. ‘Have you got a yard brush I can borrow?’ he said. ‘Only I’m trimming the hedges and bushes in my garden and we haven’t got a brush.’

Rob muttered and grumbled a bit, but sorted him out an old yard brush that used to be my mum and dad’s.

Well – it took me all morning to stitch his trousers, because all the seams were breaking open. I had to completely re-make them. I also had two year-old grandson, Charlie, to look after and I needed to keep him occupied while I worked on my sewing machine, so I let him trash the living room. This afternoon, with Charlie back in his zoo, we took Nicky’s suit to the cleaners for him and delivered the brush to Walsingham Avenue.

So, one complete Saturday lost, eleven quid lighter and one trashed living room to clean up (because I am still Nicky’s mum even though he has left home now) I am still muttering and mumbling about the very poor quality of a River Island suit.  When will these youngsters ever learn?  He could have got himself a much better quality suit from Burtons at a quarter of the price he paid!

Oh, and we told him to keep the brush. I think he is quite chuffed to have his grandad’s ancient yard brush. Now let me see … what other old junk can we offload …?


3 thoughts on “Saturday, 27th October

  1. Offloading old junk to leaving fledglings? Make sure they have driving licence, bank arrangements and a toothbrush. Anything more is clutter

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