Monday, 29th October

Monday, 29th October

Keywords for the Day: Hope

Everything is finished now for publication of The White Cuckoo, apart from the paperback launch on 23rd November. My publicity campaign for both the e-book and p-book will start tomorrow – 31st October – which was the original launch date set six months ago. It has taken many hours of hard work over the last month to get to this place, but I can honestly say it hasn’t been difficult to do, just tedious and time-consuming.

If any writer is looking for a high quality Print on Demand company I can recommend Print on Demand Worldwide in Peterborough. Their prices are reasonable, although not the cheapest in the market, the quality of their finished product is high, and their customer services are just right – helpful and supportive without the hard sell. Pauline and Amy have been brilliant and give that personal touch to the customer service experience which makes an author feel valued and special.

I could have just gone for a set number of copies without any of their additional services, which are quite comprehensive. There seems to be a package to suit everyone, including e-publishing and editorial services.  However, their Publishing Essentials package for £75 took care of the ISBN generation and barcode, the deposit of six copies of the book with the British Library and an entry in the PoD system, which means that anyone, anywhere can go into a bookshop and order a paperback copy of The White Cuckoo. It also included being offered for sale in their own bookshop. I spent a pleasant hour browsing their extensive bookshop tonight and several titles took my eye.  I was surprised to see there are some big name authors use them, too. They are an excellent alternative to Lulu, which I wasn’t impressed with.

I need to sell 89 paperback copies to break even financially and this is quite a low number considering the RRP recommended by PoD is £9.99 and I am going to sell them at my launch for the discounted price of £7.99. They calculate their RRP from a formula based on the number of pages, but, of course, the author can price them at whatever they like if they are selling direct at a launch, for example, or a book signing event.

Had the publisher not rescinded my contract, I would have needed to sell almost 200 copies to break-even, which would have been a much more daunting prospect.

It feels like all the horrible experiences of the last few weeks have flown out of the Pandora’s box and just left ‘Hope’ behind. I hope I can break-even, and I hope I can give my readers a few hours of escape from the trials and struggles of real life within the warmth and comfort of the pages of The White Cuckoo.

However, I have broken off a piece of ‘Hope’ to tuck into my writers’ toolbox and savour. I hope with all my heart The White Cuckoo  will be the catalyst for traditional publication of my trilogy.

This is the website for direct order of The White Cuckoo. Unfortunately it is at the full price of £9.99, which I know is expensive but I really hope that if anyone orders direct, it will be well worth the money spent.  Incidentally, after Christmas I am going to ask Kettering library to stock a couple of copies so that local people can read a paperback for free. I don’t want anyone not to be able to enjoy my novel because of financial hardship.

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