Monday, 5th November

NaNoWriMo Diary

Monday, 5th November

Quotation that sums up my day

The most effective and effortless method of applying paint is to (a) ask the husband where the paint brushes are, (b) locate a large tub of paint, and (c) stand in the hallway, hands on hips, and ask whether it’s better to start at the top and work down, or at the bottom and work up.

Paragraph – or rather a section of dialogue – for 5th November (word count at 6,956).

(Digby is in hospital, supposedly unconscious)

‘I hope you realise you are in deep trouble, and not only with me. The Prime Minister is beside himself with fury,’ Caroline hissed, poking him with a manicured forefinger. ‘I suppose it’s some little tart from the chambers you’ve been seeing. I’ll give you “tackling the problem of town centre regeneration” when I get you home. You’ll need a plastic surgeon to regenerate your tackle by the time I’ve finished with you …’

Digby didn’t answer. He kept very still, his eyes shut.

‘I know you’re not asleep,’ Caroline continued. ‘For goodness sake, if we are to save your sorry skin, you at least need to talk to me.’

Still, Digby didn’t move.

‘The truth, Diggers, or else I shall leave you and, believe me, I shall go straight to the papers about last year …’

Digby opened his eyes and scowled at his wife, cutting her off mid-sentence.

‘You wouldn’t dare …’

‘Wouldn’t I? Just you watch me, Digby Hart!’

©  Annie Ireson


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