Grandma’s House is at The Seaside

Last weekend , I drove past my childhood home.  My three year-old grandson, Charlie sat next to me and we had a discussion about where people live. He understood that people live in different places, but this conversation got me thinking all day long:

Me: ‘Where do you live, Charlie?’

Charlie: ‘At home.’

Me: ‘Where is your house?’

Charlie: ‘With Mummy and Daddy and Barney.’ (Barney is their soppy, old, black Labrador)

Me: ‘Where does Grandma live?’ (I am Granny – his other grandmother is Grandma)

Charlie: ‘Grandma’s house is at the seaside in “Mablefort” (Mablethorpe).

Me: ‘Where do Granny and Grandad live?’

Charlie: ‘In “Barseagrave” (Barton Seagrave).

From this conversation it is clear to me that, in Charlie’s view, his home is not a place made of bricks and mortar. It is wherever his mummy, daddy and Barney are.  He does know that he lives near us in “Barseagrave” because he has been learning his address.

The old saying Home is Where the Heart Is, might be a cliche but from Charlie’s view of the world he lives at home and his heart is with his mummy and daddy. Places are just bricks and mortar.

Mind you, I bet his ‘seaside grandma’s house’ is a far more exciting place to be than ours!


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