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Take a peek into my diary … who knows what secrets and gossip you might discover.

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4 thoughts on “My Diary

  1. Hi Annie,

    I see you’re using a “page” for your news column. Might I suggest that this is not the best way to manage it. There are disadvantages, for example:

    * The page will get longer and longer and be come more difficult to edit and manage.
    * There are no RSS feeds for pages, as there are for “post” articles, “categories” and other taxonomies.
    * You currently have to manually add dates. As you know, this can be prone to human error.

    My recommendation would be to set up a category called (say) “news” and then post articles, one for each news item, into that category.

    Cheers, Kev.

  2. Thanks so much for this Kev. I’ll do as you suggest and have a fiddle about with it tonight and create a category. You are being a brilliant help – something I didn’t get before with the other domain. I had to set it all up myself. Still I have learned at lot since then and am still learning with WordPress.

  3. Annie – I thought the White Cuckoo was brilliant – I immediately looked for other books but was disappointed – when can we expect something? Cheers.

  4. Hi Hazel

    Thank you so much for your kind comments about my first published novel. It is really appreciated and makes all those hours tapping away at the keyboard worthwhile.

    Well – you have just helped me make up my mind. When my phone beeped just now with your message I was sitting at my computer wondering whether to go it alone with my precious trilogy. ‘Sunlight on Broken Glass’, ‘Melody of Raindrops’ and ‘Twisted Garlands’. The series is a family saga covering the period 1922 to the present day. You can probably find out about the agonies of chasing a traditional publishing deal for this trilogy on this blog if you look back over the last six years!

    At the moment I am writing ‘For Her Tomorrow’ – the prequel to ‘The White Cuckoo’ which also gives the reader a glimpse of what Tammy can expect in her future as well as telling Jessie’s story before she tragically dies of scarlet fever in 1926.

    I have also written ‘Horns of Angels’. This novel tells the story of a young woman called Ella who inherits a substantial legacy. The snag is, neither she, nor anyone she knows, has ever heard of her benefactor and the reason for the bequest is a complete mystery.

    ‘The White Cuckoo’ and ‘For Her Tomorrow’ are family sagas with a supernatural twist, but all my other novels are traditional Family Sagas.

    I hope you enjoy my other novels when they are published. Hopefully the next one will be fairly quickly. I’ll aim for the end of June. Thank you for getting in touch, Hazel. You have made my day!

    Best Wishes

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