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Journey to Infinity and Beyond

Buzz lightyearWay back in September 2012, I was like Andy in Toy Story, standing on the edge of the windowsill arguing with Buzz Lightyear, who really believed he could fly to infinity and beyond.

Now, having taken the leap of faith with The White Cuckoo tucked under my wing I have launched myself off the edge, just like Buzz.

Having been invited over to Morgen Bailey’s blog to talk about my experiences (click here to read the post) I am about to embark on Phase Two of my marketing plan.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me: either through social networking, by downloading The White Cuckoo, purchasing a paperback, posting a review on Amazon or even just wishing me ‘good luck’. I can honestly say the experience has been uplifting and, at the moment, I am flying.

To download The White Cuckoo from Amazon just click on the book cover image on the sidebar. So far, eleven lovely people have left reviews on Amazon.co.uk and one on Amazon.com.