Philosophical Fridays

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

I am in the process of writing he prequel to ‘The White Cuckoo’ which will tell the story of Harry and Jessie from 1911 to 1926.

In ‘The White Cuckoo’ Tammy’s life is in turmoil.  She frequently senses the distortion of time and the strong connection between herself and Jessie. Every item in Alice’s box takes her back in time through the last 100 years and helps her to untangle the twists an turns of events that happened years ago, uncovering some shocking secrets as she begins to sort out her own life.

I have always been fascinated by physics and metaphysics, mesmerised by the questions that are thrown up when you think about the past, present and future. Is time is just a concept invented for creatures such as human beings who are conscious of their own mortality? Is it a mere anchor to give order to the chaos that would exist if there was no such thing as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years?

I love documentaries like ‘Through the Wormhole’ and books such as Stephen Hawking’s  ‘The Grand Design’. As I said to someone a few days ago, I have always wished I was clever (or brave) enough to learn more about astrophysics, but each time I dabble in the subject it seems to scramble my brain even more.

Is destiny just the past, rewritten?  ‘For Their Tomorrow’, the prequel to ‘The White Cuckoo’, will skip and dance through concepts such as eternalism, presentism, open future, branching time and free will like a flat stone skipping across a smooth ocean.

Each Friday, readers of my blog will be able to tune in, read a paragraph or two from the novel as it is being written, and learn a little bit about the philosophy of time.

The first post is on Friday, 29th November.

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